10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in America

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The American Kennel Club (AKC®) reported that the astute, family-loving breed Labrador Retriever has secured the first position once again for the 24th time, proceeding with the longest chain as the country’s top hound in AKC history.

The Bulldog quite unnoticed, has crawled up the list, claiming a fourth position for the first time, which is its most noteworthy ranking in breed history.

This delicate breed makes a fabulous family buddy with a distinctive bent in building up solid bonds with children, a simple and hardy coat, and nominal exercising needs.

Likewise many-a-different yet unique species like the Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier and Golden Retriever have enhanced the diversity of the list with their distinctive qualities—with some being square-built, some specialized in herding and some other with spectacular swimming skills.

Though the list provides a hierarchical quantification based on the popularity of the breeds, every breed stands in its own rights:

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The loyal and faithful Labrador retriever has been the most prevalent canine breed in America for a period of 23 years.

The lab is a type of retriever that is mainly bred in Canada, the United States, Australia, and England. Labs were initially used to help in gathering stray fish and lifting the nets by the fishermen of Newfoundland.

Later, they were bred to accompany hunters in the forests. Labs are very gentle, kind, and friendly in nature, which makes them suitable for families.

They are also used in therapeutic purposes to help blind and autistic people with whom they are kept as therapy dogs. This breed has also a prevalent use in search missions to assist polices and search teams.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd breed was originated in Germany which is now used as a giant-sized working dog. The breed’s full name in English is German Shepherd Dog or is abbreviated as GSD, but it was formerly named as Alsatian Wolf Dog in Great Britain. This breed is quite strong, intelligent, and obedient all at the same time.

Because of all these traits, they are used in various fields of work. It was originally used to herd sheep and was originated in the year of 1899, as per the records. It is also used to assist people with disabilities.

Many countries do use this breed in important search operations and military missions for their amazing intellect, strength, and flexibility. This breed has been used in films also.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a breed which was traditionally used to retrieve shots at bird-shooting parties. The name ‘retriever’ owes to their ability to retrieve the shots undamaged. Dogs of this breed are very water-friendly inherently.

This breed has long firs which constitute of two parts: a thick inner coat which provides the necessary warmth in a cold climate and dense outer coat which hangs from their body repelling the water droplets. It was first bred in Scotland and was used in hunting ventures.

This breed is one of the best among the dog species that gel amiably with families having kids.

The breed needs outdoor exposure to exercise, but it won’t be quite prudent to set them completely free as their inquisitiveness and traveling attitude become quite risky at times. Its friendly nature and intelligent behavior have made it stand out from all the other breeds.



The Beagle is a type of dog which varies in size from small to medium. It is a derivative of hound and its appearance is quite similar to the foxhound but is different from the latter with its unique short legs with a contrasting pair of long and gentle ears.

The breed has always been more popular in countries like Canada and the United States than in England—the country it originated from. Beagles are a variety of scent hounds, grew basically to follow hare, deer, and other little species.

They have a nose very sensitive to odors and have got instinctive tracking abilities which resulted in their employment as detection dogs for restricted agricultural goods and foods all across the globe.

Beagles are insightful however determined, and very popular as pets for their size, cool temper, and absence of genetic health hazards.


The American Bull-Dog

The Bulldog is a breed with distinctively broad head and shoulders alongside an accentuated mandibular prognathism.

There are by and large thick overlays of skin on a Bulldog’s forehead; round, dark, big eyes; a short gag with typical folds above the nose; fleshy bulge under the neck; hanging lips and sharp teeth which is sometimes accompanied by an underbite.

The coat is small, and smooth, varying in hues like white, red, and piebald. In the United States, an adult male weighs about 50 pounds. Adult females are of weight around 45 pounds.

The American Kennel Club suggests the normal weight of a bulldog should range between 40 to 50 pounds.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed that falls under terrier type, bred originally in the nineteenth century in the province of Yorkshire, England. They were used to find out rats in apparel factories and used for rat-trapping as well.

The typical characteristics of the breed are its greatest weight of 7 pounds and its dull, dark, and tan coat.

The members of this breed are inquisitive, proactive, an attention-seeker. They are not that innocent or submissive like the lapdogs; thus are not recommended for families with little children.

The breed is commonly referred to as Yorkie. The Yorkshire Terrier, being a well-known friendly canine, has also contributed to the evolution of other breeds, for example, the Australian Silky Terrier.



The Boxer is a type of medium-sized dogs originated in Germany. The Boxer is a short-haired breed, with a glossy, plain coat that grips tight on the body.

The common hues are fawn and patch, quite often contrasted with a white underbelly and colorless feet. These white spots, called ‘flash’, more than often spill onto the nape or face, and members that have these white patches are often called “flashy”.

Boxers are brachycephalic (because of their expansive yet short skulls), have a square gag, exceptionally solid jaws, mandibular prognathism (in other words, an underbite) and a strong bite to grab on to large victims. The Boxer was derived from the Old English Bulldog and the now wiped out Bullenbeisser.



The poodle is reportedly developed in Germany, where it was given the name Pudelhund. Pudel has its origin in the Low German verb which means ‘to sprinkle about’, and the term Hund in German is used to mean “dog” (related with “hound”).

The breed gained its authenticity in France, where it was generally used as a water retriever. Because of the breed’s prevalence in France, it got the rare prestige of being the country’s national breed.

The poodle is a proactive, shrewd, and glamorous breed, solidly built, and proportionally balanced. To accentuate the robust appearance, the length of the body measured from the breastbone to the rear end rounds up to the height of the highest point of the torso from the ground.

The eyes are exceptionally dark, perfectly oval, and have a ready and subtle articulation. The ears crease over close to the head, situated right at, or marginally underneath, the eye level. The coat is characteristically wavy in texture, thick throughout.



The Rottweiler is a medium or large size breed of dog. These puppies were called “Rottweil butchers’ dogs” owing to their employment as guides to the herds of domesticated animals and as cart-pullers carrying butchered meat and other items to the marketplace.

While still utilized in herding, Rottweilers are presently utilized in search and rescue missions, as guides for the visually impaired, as watchdogs, and in many other jobs.

The excessive sturdiness of the Rottweiler adds much more to the risk factor than its virtuous aspect. Thus the specialists recommend formal grooming and thorough yet cautious socialization for all Rottweilers.

As indicated by the AKC, Rottweilers adore their masters and may act in a clownish fashion before family and friends, yet they are very defensive about their domain and don’t welcome outsiders until introduced properly. But proper training and socialization are prescribed by one and all.



The Dachshund is a short-legged canine breed being a member in the dog family. The standard size Dachshund was brought up to chase after the badgers tracking their scents and other tunnel-dwelling creatures, while the scaled down dachshund was created to chase little preys, like rabbits.

In the American West they have likewise been utilized to chase prairie hounds.

Today, they are groomed to perform at competitive shows and as domestic pets. As per the AKC, the Dachshund secures a place in the top 10 hound breeds in the United States of America.

Belonging to the dog family or scent dog branch in the United States and Great Britain, there are some who consider this order to be questionable, guessing that it emerged from the term Hund which is analogous to the English word “hound”.

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