Benefits and disadvantages of sleeping with your dog in bed

benefits of sleeping next to your dog Facts

Do you know the consequences of sleeping with your dog in bed ? More and more people decide to adopt a dog, thus increasing the number of family members. The relationship with these beings is very close, sometimes becoming the most spoiled in the house.

Now, there are certain issues that, depending on the family, are analyzed from one point of view or another. In this way, while some enjoy sleeping with their pet, others believe that it is somewhat annoying and even unsanitary.

In order to resolve all your doubts regarding this issue, throughout this article we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping with your dog in bed.

Sleeping with your dog in bed: beneficial or harmful?

Waking up and finding your best friend by your side can be a wonderful experience, but some are unable to fall asleep if they sit their dog together in bed throughout the night. There are many factors that are present when we sleep with our pet . In this section we will talk about each of them.

Advantages of sleeping with a dog

There are many advantages that we can obtain if we decide to sleep with our dog . In this section we explain the most outstanding ones.


The greatest advantage that we can find when sleeping with our pet is the emotional benefits . The fact that with their presence we already feel accompanied is a point in favor of this practice. In this way, for people who live alone, lying next to the animal is a great option.


Sleeping every night feeling safe is a pleasant sensation that helps us calmly close our eyes. In this way, our rest is multiplied and, the next day, we will feel charged with energy to face any activity. In addition, knowing that our dog will react to any external noise, gives us the opportunity to forget about any fear we have of a robbery, for example.

Fight stress

The above emotions also help us to combat stress and, even, to cope with long periods of sadness that can play a trick on us, and can lead to depression.

Face the cold

On the other hand, on cold winter nights, dogs can help us maintain body heat . Sometimes we use blankets and blankets to cope with low temperatures without achieving the expected results, but dogs can do more for us than bedding.

Increased common bond

The fact of sleeping with our pet causes that the emotional bond that we have with it increases. We are showing her that she is one more and that we feel better by her side. All these energies the dog captures them, which will increase, even more if possible, her fidelity towards us.

Therefore, it should be noted that on a psychological level , sleeping with our pet has many positive aspects .

Disadvantages of sleeping with a dog

Despite everything explained in the previous point, sleeping with our dog also has its drawbacks. Therefore, we explain them below.

Disease transmission

One of the biggest disadvantages is the possible transmission of diseases. Now, if we take care of our pet and it boasts of iron health, it is a question that we must rule out instantly. Also, sometimes animals can cause allergies or asthma; But, obviously, if a person suffers this type of reaction, she should not sleep with her dog, no matter how much she appreciates her.

Sleep disturbance

Sometimes, it is also possible that when sleeping with our pet our sleep is altered, affecting its quality and the level of rest. In these cases it is because the animal can move a lot , occupy a lot of space, snore or make different noises. For this reason, depending on the type of dog we have and its personality, this aspect may influence us to a greater or lesser extent.

Lack of hygiene

Our pet may be impeccable, but it is true that the fact that it walks down the street or enjoys long walks in nature causes it to accumulate bacteria . Also, even if we put the necessary products on them, it is possible that a resistant flea or tick could reach the back of our dog. All of the above, if the dog gets on the bed, it will be very exposed to our body and suffer, in this way, the consequences.

A solution at this point is, for example, to check the animal’s fur every night , wash the legs to remove any unsanitary remains, and disinfect the sheets and mattress with steam to eliminate any residue.

Taking into account everything explained so far, you should assess whether you prefer to sleep with your dog or without him . Now, realize that the dog will learn the practice you lean toward. Thus, once you have decided that the animal is well received in bed, in the event that you regret it later, it will be very difficult to get out of the habit .

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