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Do dogs know how to love?
Do dogs know how to love? The affirmative answer to this question cost me some followers on Twitter; I was forced to block them after the discussion had
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Benefits and disadvantages of sleeping with your dog in bed
Do you know the consequences of sleeping with your dog in bed ? More and more people decide to adopt a dog, thus increasing the number of family members.
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15 dog breeds that are banned in some countries
Many countries around the globe have been participating in the ban of dogs that are considered to be aggressive. Over the years, experimentation with the
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10 great psychological effects of having a dog as a pet
The bonds that exist between pets and humans are powerful. Most pet owners know the joys of sharing their lives with them. However, many people are unaware
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10 Amazing Facts about Dogs’ Breed Name Origins
Everyone loves dogs, and most pet owners prefer to keep pedigreed dogs of different breeds for their myriad qualities and beautiful and exotic appearances.