chronic renal failure in dogsHealth
Diet for chronic renal failure in the dog
The diet for chronic kidney failure of the dog is very important for several factors. First of all, because the disease leads dogs to anorexia and therefore
chocolate and dogs chartHealth
Chocolate and dogs
Having always had dogs, I’ve known for a long time that chocolate hurts dogs. I often have fun asking experts or presumed experts why, discovering that
mange in dogs treatmentCare
Mange In Dogs
Mange is a skin problem in dogs that is especially common among strays, and those that are neglected or abused. The condition is caused by several species
how to stop a dog from peeing and pooping in the houseCare
How Do You Stop A Dog From Peeing and Pooping In The House
Dogs peeing and pooping in the house is a common problem that many dog parents usually deal with at one time or another. Inappropriate elimination or house
when a dog drinks and pees a lotCare
When A Dog Pees A Lot — When To Worry And What To Do
Does your dog go outside to pee more frequently than normal? Frequent urination can be a red flag indicating the presence of abnormalities or medical problems
Natural Antibiotics For DogsCare
Natural Antibiotics For Dogs
Antibiotics offer several benefits to dogs but they are known to cause adverse side effects such as the destruction of the beneficial bacteria in the gut
ear mites in dogs symptomsCare
Ear Mites In Dogs: Cause, Symptoms, And Treatment
Ear mites are one of the most common external parasites in dogs, next to fleas and ticks. These insect parasites look lice ticks or little spiders but
my dog drinking a lot of water and peeing a lotCare
Why is my dog drinking a lot of water?
Water is essential for life, for our dogs as well as for us. But if you notice your dog drinking lots of water suddenly, should you be concerned?
dog not drinking water but eatingCare
Dog Not Drinking Water – What To Know
Top Reasons Why A Dog Won’t Drink Water and What You Can Do About It Water is one of the basic nutrients of dogs. It is an essential component in virtually