Find Out What Dog Breeds Are Right For You

What Dog Breeds Are Right For You Breeds

Who doesn’t love dogs? Everyone has, at some point in their lives, dreamed ardently of having a pup of their own. Pets bring love and happiness into our otherwise dull, dreary lives, and dogs are arguably the best suited for this purpose – not only do they bring unadulterated joy into people’s lives, but they also help us deal with stress, depression, and other health-related issues.

Before getting a pet pooch, it is imperative that the owners think things through and decide on the necessary criterion for choosing not just the pet that will be best suited to them and their family, but one for whom its human companions will be just right.

Although we don’t believe in one breed being superior to another, it is advisable that some sort of guide be followed before you zero in on the pet of your choice, so that not only you, but more importantly, your pet, remains healthy and happy, and is well cared for.

If You Are a Fitness Freak

A lot of us tend to be fitness freaks despite, or perhaps because of, our extremely busy yet often sedentary lifestyles. Needless to say, then, that we would like for our pets to share our love and enthusiasm for health and fitness and charged-up physical activities.

Dogs usually enjoy being out and about, but not all breeds are up to indulging in strenuous exercise. Others, however, are built for just this purpose – Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers, Border collies, and Labrador retrievers are just some of the breeds belonging to this category.

So if you are super conscious about health and fitness issues, we would suggest that you get a pooch belonging to one of these breeds.

The Perfect Companion for Kids

Most of us, in the younger, more innocent years of our childhood, wished to have a dog for a pet, and not only do few of us pose exceptions to the rule even now, many of us might also be blessed with children, who, in their own turn, harbour a deep love of animals in general, and dogs in particular.

It hardly needs saying that dogs love children, just as children love them, and there is no one particular breed that is friendlier towards children than others.

However, if you are insistent on settling on a breed that will be the perfect companion for your kids, look no further than beagles, boxers, dachshunds and Saint Bernards, among others.

The One That Thrives on Affection

If you’re a loner, or just not particularly fond of other members of the human race, and would much rather concentrate on showering all your love and affection on your beloved pooch, you might want to think about adopting a dog that is not only loving in its own turn, but also extremely lovable (not to say that dogs in general are anything short of exactly that), and thrives immensely on the love and affection of its human companions.

This is also the perfect type to settle on for a family that has a lot of love and affection to give. The breeds that are perfect for such people include Pomeranians, beagles, and cocker spaniels.

The Perfect Companion for Insomniacs

Insomnia has gradually grown into a widespread and rather common problem, especially among the urban population, with their terribly busy schedule, among other multifaceted issues.

Whether you are an insomniac, or just have occasional sleep-related problems, the best breed of dog for you would be a quiet one. Needless to say, you can train your pet to be quiet, but if you do not have the inclination to do so, the best bet for you would surely be a dog that tends to naturally be on the quieter side.

Basenjis are great for such people, known as they are for being a breed that, although generally playful, does not usually bark.

For the Traveller

If you’re a traveller, either by passion or profession, and cannot live very long without the company of your pooch, it is advisable that you opt for a breed that is not only considerably small in size, but is also energetic, and will not fall sick easily while travelling.

A pup that is easy to travel with and carry, and does not cause any trouble to itself or its human companion, would be the ideal travel partner. Better than most humans, without a doubt.

A dog that not only enjoys travel but can easily move from one place to another with its owner, preferably in a carry-on, sounds perfect for all you globetrotters. A Yorkshire terrier or a Maltese pup might be just the companion you’re looking for!

The One for People With Mobility Issues

If you suffer from mobility issues, it is imperative that you opt for a breed of dog that is either capable of getting enough exercise for itself, or one that can do without much exercise.

Needless to say, since you cannot move around much, you cannot afford to get yourself a pooch that will require maximum physical exertion on your part. If you do get such a dog, we strongly advise that you do the right thing, and ensure that there is at least one person in the house who can look after them adequately.

It is still advisable, however, that you get a breed of dog that requires minimal movement on your part, so that your pet does not feel neglected. For such purposes, think Saint Bernards, Basset Hounds, and Shih Tzus.

For Those With Allergies

If you are allergic to dogs, it must be pointed out, undoubtedly not for the first time, that you are unfortunate in the extreme.

Usually, people with such allergies tend to steer clear of dogs, but if you are an exception, and love dogs enough to want to get yourself a pet pooch, or if it is mandatory that you do so for other unavoidable reasons, educate yourself, and make your choice wisely.

Sadly, no breed of dog exists that is entirely perfect for people with allergenic tendencies, and the most we can hope for in such cases is to get a breed that either sheds less or produces very little dander. Consider schnauzers, Portuguese water dogs, and poodles, among a handful of others.

However, much as we love dogs, and respect people who do the same, we would still advise, for obvious health reasons, to avoid getting yourself a dog if indeed you have allergic reactions to their fur or dander.

For Those Who Are a Little Short On Time

If you are someone who nearly always keeps busy, we would advise you against getting a dog, to begin with. Dogs, including even the most independent ones, require and deserve love, attention, and affection.

If you cannot provide your dog with adequate companionship, it is counterproductive for both you and your pet. However, if you really want a pet despite your busy schedule, and can hopefully devote at least some time to them, your best bet would be any breed of dog that is strong and independent, and, largely, does not mind being left alone.

Think Russian wolfhounds, Chinese shar-peis, and Alaskan malamutes. Our final suggestion would be to at least get two dogs so that even when you are away, they can keep each other company.

The One For Lazy People

A lot of us, no matter how busy, tend very rarely to indulge in any form of physical exercise, glued as we almost always are to our phones, televisions, or computer screens.

Whether you belong to this category, or suffer from health issues that require you to get at least a bit of exercise every day, we would suggest that you get yourself a companion who will provide you with adequate motivation to leave the house and get yourself some exercise on a daily basis.

And as with several other things, dogs seem better suited to this purpose than humans. So if you are looking to maintain a somewhat healthy physical regimen, consider getting yourself a clumber spaniel, American Eskimo dog, or a toy poodle.

For the Beach-lover

Whether you’re lucky enough to live by the water’s edge, close to the sea, or travel with considerable regularity to the seaside, and would enjoy the company of your pooch (needless to say, one who loves the surf and sand as much as you do, if not more) among sun-tanning people and sandcastles, you must look for a breed of dog that would be the perfect companion in these situations.

Be it a weekend getaway or a serene evening walk along the water’s edge, you need to look no further than a Golden Retriever or a Portuguese water dog, both of whom enjoy playing in the water. Just make sure that your dog is never left alone near the water, and does not get sunburned, dehydrated, or end up drinking saltwater.

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