How to choose the best dog leash

how to choose the right dog leash Care

If earlier the choice of leashes was very limited, now in pet stores you can see such a variety that it can be difficult for dog owners to decide on a purchase. Choose the best bark collar for small dogs.

The most common types of leashes include:

  • classic (standard);
  • roulette;
  • walker;
  • chains.

Below we will consider the features of each option.

Classic leashes

Classic models are made of canvas, natural and artificial leather, nylon. They vary in width, length, and appearance. These durable and practical dog leashes are ideal for daily walking and training. It is best for large breed dogs to buy such products.

Roulette leashes

Very popular for walking in the city. They are made of plastic, inside of which a tape or cable made of durable material is screwed onto a special mechanism. There is a button on the body that allows you to quickly fix the required leash length and pull the dog towards you. Such models are distinguished by strength (they are designed for a specific weight of the animal), the length of the cord / cable, and appearance. The products are suitable for dogs of small and medium breeds. The leash may not be able to withstand the jerk of a large and strong pet.


This is a very short leash with an arm loop. It is bought for large, tall dogs that are walked in crowded places or carried in public transport. The minimum distance between the collar and the hand allows full control of the animal. Such a product is not suitable for a full walk.


One of the most reliable types of leashes. They come in a variety of thicknesses, designs and lengths. The heavy enough weight makes them of little use for daily use, except for strong fighting dogs and pets that like to gnaw on leashes. In other cases, it is more of an elegant accessory that emphasizes the beauty and grace of the animal. This type of leash is not the best choice for long-haired dog breeds as the coat can become tangled between the links and cause pain.

And a little advice in the end. The dog should have several leashes because for each occasion (walking, training, show, etc.) a specific model is needed.

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