How to Help Your Dog Have a Shiny Coat for the Summer

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First impressions are sometimes hard to get over, that is why it is important to make sure you and your loved ones always appear your best.

If you are all about appearing your best and keep primped and proper, you may want to do it for your lovable dog. Just as people judge you based on that first impression, you may be judged by the appearance of your dog too.

Keep the negative thoughts away by following these steps to keeping your dog’s fur coat looking immaculate and shiny, just how you want him to look, especially when taking him for a stroll at the dog park – you never know whom you will run into and who you want to give a great first impression to!

Diet Matters

Diet plays a huge role in how your dog looks and feels. If your dog is not receiving the proper nutrients to nourish his body, he will not be able to put his best paw forward. Two specific needs for a healthy, shiny coat is protein and essential oils, like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

If protein is not the first ingredient in your dog’s current dog food, you should seriously consider switching your dog’s daily nourishment to a different brand that has protein as the first ingredient.

There are many brands that will meet the needs of your pooch. If you are not sure give your veterinarian a call to determine the best option for your dog.

If essential fatty acids are not a part of the food, you can also look in supplementing your dog’s diet with this, either through supplementation or by sprinkling a topper on your dog’s food that is high in the oils, like flaxseed.

Do Not Overdo Cleanliness

While a freshly bathed dog is a great smelling one, do not overdo bath time with your dog. To maintain your dog’s natural oils saturating his skin and coat, you should only bath your dog once a month or in warmer climates, once a week.

Bathing too often removes natural oils and leaves the dog’s skin and coat dry and damaged. By using a high-quality shampoo, you can help support your dog’s natural oil production as well.

Grooming a Plus

Schedule a little pampering time with your pup at least once a week, by taking the time to brush his coat. A brushed coat helps keep his fur mat free and spreads the needed oils through to the tips of the his coat helping keep his fur look lustrous and beautiful, just like you want it! If you want to splurge, an all-expense paid trip to a groomer is also a great way to pamper and keep

Remember that some dog coats will never have a glossy shine due to their fur type and genetic background; these coat types are typically wiry.

However, just like people have different hair types; it is important to use a coat-care product made specifically for your dog’s coat to make it look the best it can.

A trip to your local pet store or a recommendation from your dog’s groomer can help you get started in the right direction to make sure that your dog is as primped as you are!

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