My dog ​​scratches a lot. Could this be dangerous?

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It is normal to see our pet scratching from time to time, but if my dog scratches a lot , what should I do? We can check her body, remember where the animal has walked in case a plant may have produced hives and, if we do not remain calm, take her to the vet in case the damage is internal or she needs medication. There can be many reasons, simple or dangerous, therefore, we are going to describe the most prominent ones below.

Why does my dog scratch a lot?

If we know our dog, we will be able to realize if it scratches normally or if the scratching is much greater than usual and even compulsive. Moreover, if it is the second option, we will witness that it hurts the skin . Depending on the cause, it may be accompanied by other signs, such as the licking of the paws or the appearance of red or peeling areas along its body.

Fleas, ticks and mites

Fleas , ticks and mites are the most common cause of itching in dogs, especially in the hottest months of the year when animals enjoy longer walks in nature. The danger in this case is evident, since these types of beings stick their mouthparts in the dog’s skin to feed on its blood . In this way, you can transmit multiple diseases to you .

Ticks are usually seen with the naked eye. If we want to eliminate them we can do it with tweezers to extract them in their entirety, that is, from the head. Now, fleas , on the other hand, can go unnoticed depending on the type and color of the dog’s coat. Thus, if you see them on the dog’s body, you need to go to a veterinarian. He will explain the different options that exist to perform deworming .

Flea Removal Products

Among the products that exist on the market to eliminate fleas , a liquid composition stands out which, applied correctly, favors the elimination of these parasites in a fast and effective way. When you use it, it is advisable not to bathe your dog until 3 days have elapsed since the application. With the help of a glove, in which you will spread the substance that the professional has recommended, you will spread it evenly against the grain on the animal’s skin . Of course, avoid having contact on those areas most susceptible to irritation, such as the eyes, mouth and ear.

Even taking into account the above, without a doubt, prevention is the most effective and recommended measure to prevent the dog from suffering from these types of problems . Both in the vet and in specialized stores you can find 100% satisfactory solutions. Among these are pipettes and oral tablets to ensure your well-being.


Another cause why dogs scratch a lot is the appearance of mange . It is a dermatological infection caused by ectoparasites, specifically by different mites in dogs. Depending on the type of mite that causes this pathology, you will suffer from one type of scabies or another. This is the reason why a specific treatment is needed for each case .

The early detection of symptoms is paramount. It will be the only way to avoid contagion to other pets, thus minimizing the seriousness of the situation.


That a dog scratches more than normal can also be related to an allergy problem . These are part of a process of immunological origin in which the animal’s body unleashes exaggerated inflammatory reactions to substances that are not harmful or dangerous by themselves.

Among the most common is a flea bite allergy . This causes lesions (scabs) on the inside and back of the thighs and abdomen. Treatment is based on the use of fast-acting anti – inflammatories to stop scratching. Also in oral antibiotic or creams if lesions have occurred. Now, if we are looking for long-term success, this is achieved through good antiparasitic prevention .

Atopic dermatitis

The atopic dermatitis is another common hereditary allergy. In this case, the most frequent causative agent or allergen is usually of environmental origin, although it can also be food. The most affected areas are the face, legs and belly. Taking the above into account, if we do not use an adequate treatment, the symptoms can spread to the rest of the body. 50% of atopic dogs also suffer from conjunctivitis and otitis . This is the reason why they rub or scratch their ears so intensely.

Other causes

Lastly, there are other causes of why a dog scratches a lot . They are much less common and can be accompanied by more serious injuries . Some of them have an autoimmune nature. To determine them, it is essential to go to the vet. You will be the only one capable of understanding what happens to the animal and how to improve its health.

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