Summertime Fun: Your Dog and Water Safety

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Sunscreen check, Sunglasses, check, swimsuit, check. Now, what do you pack for Fido?

The summer heat invites water play and bringing the dog along with adds to the fun, but it also gives you some additional safety measures to consider. Take a look at some popular outdoor water activities and what Fido needs in addition to his cool, doggie sunglasses, of course!

At The Beach

That sand is great for building castles, but it is torture on Fido’s paws. If you find yourself jumping on tippy-toes toward the shoreline, you can count on your pup’s paw pads feeling the burn, too. Using a paw balm to help moisturize or doggie booties if your dog is spending much time on hot surfaces can be a welcomed relief.

Supervision and keeping Fido leashed at a beach can be imperative to his safety. There are all kinds of hazards at a beach both from the sea and man. Your dog could ingest something he shouldn’t, step on something that stings, cuts or pinches.

The beach is a blast, but play it safe with paw protection, close supervision, and a doggie life vest if you intend to swim out beyond the shore.

At The Lake

The lake is another occasion that your pooch needs a doggie life vest. An additional option is a dog life preserver, but don’t depend solely on Fido staying in the boat as he may have very different plans.

Dogs who jump into a lake – even those who know how to swim – can panic when they realize they don’t know how to get out of the water, or back into a boat. A large body of water can be particularly intimidating.

At The Pool

Chlorine can be harmful to your dog’s health. Nowadays, there are dog-safe pool chemicals commercially available. If you want to invite your dog to the pool make sure you are using products that are safe.

A dog life vest is also not a bad idea in the pool. Even if your dog is a good swimmer, the extra floatation aid can still help. And just like you wouldn’t leave a child unattended in the pool, please don’t leave your dog unattended.

With any of the water play scenarios listed above, you will want to bring your dog his own drinking water. Drinking from whatever body of water is available could also include chemicals and contaminants.

Your dog can contract intestinal ailments from those stagnant pools of water.

And just because your hound is surrounded by water doesn’t mean he is keeping cool. The heat from the sun is actually more intense near water, so you should still watch your canine for signs of heatstroke and sunburn.

And even though he just returned from a romp in the water, still take the time to rinse him off. This will help remove chlorine, salt, bacteria, and dirt that your pup is bringing home from his water fun.

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