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A surprisingly huge number of dogs families from all across the globe are adopted by pet lovers every year.

By inbreeding from the same ancestral bloodline to mixing different bloodlines, dogs have been selectively bred for years now.

From breeds specifically preferred for service work to breeds which specialize as guard dogs or even ones that act as watchdogs, different breeds mostly have their unique areas of expertise, so to speak. Similarly, there are breeds who are the best suited as household pets.

They’re playful, energetic, gentle, loyal, protective and affectionate.

This list talks about the most amicable of the lot. These are the most friendly dogs, well suited to people and their company.



When it comes to bathing and brushing, if high maintenance does not bother you, the beagle is perfect for your family.

One of the friendliest breeds, and Charlie Brown’s best friend, beagles like to be a part of the pack and have been living in that manner for hundreds of years. This is what makes them a great family pet. It’s small size and generally happy disposition makes it a hit with the children as well as active older couples.

Its keen sense of smell and immense love for food often get it in trouble. These creatures are super good with children and can even act as a 4-pawed nanny to them! They also have some endearing habits like howling, which is only amusing in small doses though.

The extremely loyal and delightfully playful breed makes a very lovable addition to the family.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The reason why the Labrador retriever lands on the top of every list of the most popular dog breeds is its very active, outgoing and friendly presence.

One of the most versatile dog breeds, Labrador retrievers get along with just about anybody. They’re the most preferred breed accepted for training to be arson dogs, and are also the most popularly accepted service dogs.

There’s hardly a better choice for a family to keep as a pet because of their trainability and friendly nature.

They love to please and are extremely reliable in fact, there’s nothing more a Labrador loves than to show off a new trick it learnt.

Some of them might even manage to learn it before it’s taught hence, they’re affectionately referred to as the canine Einsteins. They excel as guide dogs, law enforcement dogs and even search and rescue dogs.



For those who like large dogs who also happen to be very amicable, boxers are the best choices. Although they are instinctively very protective, they’re also very friendly and love companionship.

Although they look intimidating, boxers are gentle and caring and will love just about anyone who is willing to pet and play with them. They get along with just about anybody. It is said that one of their most noticeable characteristics is their desire for human affection. They are also known to be very patient and protective of children which make them a popular choice for families everywhere.

They are said to be more comfortable in the city or country but can adjust to just about any other condition as well.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Typically friendly and easy-going, the preferred canine babysitters of the year, bull terriers are playful, energetic and friendly who can also calmly take a lot of rough-housing. They are just as comfortable inside the house as they are outside, so long as their family is there too.

They are especially known for not being offended when they’re manhandled by children. Instead, they actually help children properly relate to dogs. They get along with pretty much everyone and are adorable to look at.

This is why its popularity among families does not come as a surprise. They’re energetic and require a lot of play time and they can even wear the children out. It sounds slightly ludicrous but, they make great nannies and are famously very protective of them.

Originally from England, the Bull Terrier is actually affectionately known as the “Children’s Nursemaid” or the “Nanny Dog”.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed is popularly known for not being very active when it comes to moving around, but one of the best companions one can have.

They were named after Charles the second and their true purpose has always been to provide companionship, with their image along the portraits and tapestries of aristocratic families for hundreds of years.

They’re perfect choices for families with little children or even quite a few frequent visitors. With their very endearing nature, they’re sure to please everyone.

Although they need and enjoy frequent grooming and constant attention and affection, their gentle nature makes them especially trustworthy as companions for children and a wonderful family pet.

Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle

An exceptionally active and smart breed that excels in obedience training, Poodles are friendly and outgoing by nature.

They’re also very graceful and gentle and make a very pretty addition to a family. Although of the three sizes, miniature, toy and standard, only standard sized Poodles are fit to be kept as pets. Miniature poodles tend to not be very suitable for a family and children. Standard poodles however, make very good pets especially for children with allergies as they do not shed as much as other breeds.

Poodles are often given haircuts where their fur is shaped into something more visually appealing.

Poodles of all the three sizes, though not fit for domestic companionship, are used for works in different capacities like performing in circuses or even truffle hunting. They also make great playmates.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the world and it’s really not surprising why.

Their gentle and playful nature makes them an instant hit with the children. They’re extremely social dogs who will be friendly with everyone, be it family or friends or even strangers.

Unfortunately, this endearing quality acts up even when it’s a burglar who visits, Goldens will probably greet them like they’ve known each other from before. They’re a lot like Labrador retrievers and have a life span of around twelve years but most commonly ten, which is slightly shorter than that of the Irish setter.

One of their many assets is their extreme patience along with their high energy which is extremely useful around children. Frequently used as service dogs, they are also avid swimmers. They make one of the best household pets which is why their popularity among the masses does not come as a surprise.

Irish Setter

Irish Setter

Originally bred in Ireland for pointing, hunting and retrieving purposes, the Irish setter derives its name from the ‘set’ position which it would take, as a hunting companion, to aid the hunter get closer to the prey.

This breed has been popular throughout Ireland and even Britain reportedly since the 18th century. Apart from being great hunting partners, Irish setters are really popular with children because of their playful and energetic nature. They breed is very active but, requires daily exercise.

An unfortunate and unavoidable fact is their life spans. They are one of the larger breeds with the shorter lifetimes, where twelve years is old and a few even make it to fifteen. They still make amazing family animals.



With the funniest personalities in the dog world and their incredibly adorable wrinkly face, pugs can charm the socks off anyone.

They are very affectionate and are willing to love just about anyone who gives them food. They make very amusing companions are quite popular as pets worldwide.

They are adored by children and grown-ups alike, quite possibly he asked what we spoke about. If someone wants a small dog they can carry everywhere, a pug would be a perfect choice, and given its happy-go-lucky nature and silly antics, it will win hearts wherever it goes.

They’re also very loyal which makes them very suitable as a family pet.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

Used primarily as companions, Boston Terriers are nick-named “the American gentleman” because of the tuxedo like coloring of the dog’s fur, its gentle demeanor, intelligence and suitability as a house pet.

They are quite a lively breed and win the hearts of those they encounter. They make great companions especially for those who are looking for small dogs as companions. They’re easy to train and can almost do anything you train them. Very loyal, they choose to stick to the owner’s side all day.

Friendly and affectionate, they’re great with children and watching out for them, which makes them great pets.

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