Top 10 Small White Dogs Breeds

best small white dog breeds Breeds

Within the world of sizes and colors, dogs are one of the animals that present the most varieties. Sizes between 80 cm in height and over 60 kg, like the Great Dane, up to 15 cm and barely a kilo and a half in weight, like the tiny Chihuahuas. We also find varied colors such as white, chocolate, beige, black, reddish, gold, or mottled. Dogs present a wide range of possibilities suitable for all tastes.

For this reason, we want to focus on the variety of small white dogs so that you know it in depth in case you are thinking of adopting a new canine friend. If you want to know the 10 most tender white small dog breeds, read on!

White and furry small dog breeds

White hair in dogs is one of the most elegant and amazing, but if we add a large amount and volume of fur in addition to that clean white, the little dogs become affectionate teddy bears.

However, this type of coat is delicate and requires much more care to stay beautiful than other colors, especially if the hair is long on top. Therefore, if you already live with one of these “stuffed animals” or if you are thinking of adopting one, we want to give you a series of tips to keep your friend’s hair white and precious:

  • Do not abuse the washes, making a maximum of one to two a month. If it gets dirty regularly, you can opt for brushing, using dry-cleaning shampoo or dog-specific wet wipes.
  • Often sanitize the parts that are most often soiled with a cloth or brush, without the need to bathe it completely.
  • Use special shampoos and conditioners for dogs with white hair, you will find them in your usual pet store.

Now, if you are one of those who look at small, white and furry park dogs before, this is your section. Keep track of the following list of furry white little breeds you will fall in love with. Would you be able to choose just one?

1. Bichon Bolognese

Bichon Bolognese

The Bichon Bolognese is a dog of Italian origin and is characterized by being a docile, calm, sociable, and affectionate dog? Of his physique, his long ears and his beautiful long, fine and curly hair stand out, as well as his small measures, not exceeding 30 cm in height at the withers and a generic weight of between 4 and 5 kg.

This breed is one of the most suitable for living in apartments with children and the elderly, and is also ideal for first-time owners who are looking to adopt a canine friend to share their life and that is easy to train.

2. Bichon frize

Bichon frize 

Joy is one of the characteristics that best define bichón frisé. Originally from Belgium and France, this dog does not exceed 5 kg in weight and 30 cm in height at the withers. Her hair is long, fine and curly, and can be white or cream.

Playful and lively, he loves exercise, but also rest with his family. It is a very sensitive dog that needs the attention of its owners and the necessary care to keep its coat healthy, strong and beautiful.

3. Maltese Bichon

Maltese Bichon 

Miniature and short-legged, the Maltese Bichon is the ideal dog for confined spaces. He does not like spending time alone, as he is very affectionate, but he does not usually tolerate games with very active children.

This breed of just 3-4 kg and about 25 cm at the withers, stands out for being one of the oldest dogs in Europe and for its long, smooth and silky coat, which can be whole white or with golden flecks.

4. Toy poodle


The toy poodle is of German, French, and Russian origin. It is the smallest variety of the poodle breed, weighing approximately 4.5 kg. However, despite its size, it stands out for being very intelligent, obedient, and loyal. In addition, it has a charming and affectionate character that makes it an ideal pet for the whole family.

As if it were a stuffed animal, it has dense, soft and woolly hair, which can vary from white, black, cream, reddish, gray or chocolate colors and is curly or tufted.

5. Cotón de Tuléar

Coton de Tulear

Originally from Madagascar, the Tulear brand stands out for being a loving, sweet, intelligent, and active breed that also loves to receive the attention of their tutors to play. Between 3 and 6 kg and up to 30 cm in height at the withers, this tiny dog has a body that is longer than it is tall.

In addition to his funny long ears and alert expression, the basic characteristic of this funny puppy is its soft “cotton” fur. Long, smooth and fine, the hair of the Tuléar coat can be white, black, gray or lemon.

6. Pomeranian


The Pomeranian, a tiny dog of German and Polish origin, is very noble and affectionate. It is ideal for families with children and small floors, as its dimensions do not exceed 3.5 kg and 25 cm in height at the withers.

His character is sweet, sociable, playful, intelligent, faithful, cold, and sometimes noisy. Her silky, fine and straight hair needs to be combed regularly and can vary in colors: white, black, cinnamon, gray or chocolate.

7. West highland white terrier

West highland white terrier 

The physicist of the west highland white terrier stands out for his short legs and ears and for his beautiful long white hair. It is of English origin and has an average size of 6 to 10 kg and up to 30 cm in height at the withers.

Character is the most affectionate and sociable of all terrier dogs, being perfect for small houses with children. Furthermore, this passive and intelligent can is always alert, making it an excellent watchdog.

Breeds of small white and short-haired dogs

It should not be forgotten that, although the hair is much shorter and will require less care, white short-haired dogs also need special care to maintain their color and always be clean.

One of the parts that are most affected in the hair of these dogs is the area of the tear ducts and the mouth. There are some tricks to remove stains on the tear of dogs . For example we can use a damp cloth and clean these areas gently instead of abusing the bathrooms. Even so, when you decide to wash it, always use specific shampoos and packs for white hair, to maintain its delicacy and shine, as well as a smooth and well-kept texture.

Are you one of those who is passionate about small white dogs with short hair? If the answer is yes, we encourage you to continue reading to discover the most beautiful breeds of small white dogs with short hair. Their cute little faces will fascinate you!

8. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua

The chihuahua, known as the smallest dog in the world, stands out for being a sociable and intelligent pet ideal for living in small apartments and with family. Of its qualities, its restless, noisy, nervous, brave, affectionate, territorial and cold character stands out. In addition, it is one of the dogs that holds the record for life expectancy, being able to live up to 20 years.

Weighing no more than 3 kg, this tiny dog of Mexican origin has two varieties: the short-haired and the long-haired. In addition, although here we introduce you to the short and white hair, Chihuahuas can be of a great diversity of colors: black, cream, gold, chocolate, etc.

9. Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

Lively and lively, the Jack Russell Terrier is a small dog but very active? With a long physique, the dog is of hunting origin, so, although it adapts to all types of spaces, it needs dedication and time of daily physical activity.

Originally from the United Kingdom, this breed usually weighs between 5 and 8 kg and does not exceed 35 cm in height at the withers. Her hair is short, smooth and hard and can be, in addition to white, black or tan.

10. White Miniature Schnauzer

White Miniature Schnauzer

The bearded miniature schnauzer is of German origin and is defined as a brave and active dog. In addition, this dog, weighing between 4 and 8 kg, is very curious, intelligent and noisy, and requires long daily walks.

The small breed has thick, hard hair, which can be white, silver, or salt and pepper. Likewise, its coat has special characteristics, dense eyebrows, and long beards that give it a peculiar and characteristic image of the species.

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