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This article is for anyone who has decided to get a new pet dog. To simplify the selection process think very carefully about what you and your family want from a dog. Carefully considering your requirements and expectations prior to selecting a dog will help you to make the right choice. Choosing a new dog is exciting and we are all prone to choosing that which looks attractive or familiar regardless whether it’s the right choice.

Several aspects need to be considered regarding your lifestyle, family situation, where you live and the characteristics you are looking for in order to answer that burning question: What Type Of Dog Do I Choose?

Examine Your Lifestyle

Assess honestly how much time you have to devote to a pet dog, do you have sufficient time for exercising, playing with and grooming your pet, giving him attention, love and affection? This is in addition to extra time which will be needed for keeping your home clean; even the cleanest dog will bring in dirt and make a mess. Do you have enough time every single day to be a responsible dog owner?

How much you are at home needs to be taken into consideration, dogs are social animals and some breeds need more companionship than others. We need to think about our garden and proximity to open areas for walking and exercise.

The financial cost of owning a dog needs to be considered, big dogs will eat more than small dogs which will make a big difference over time. Insurance should be taken out and it is very often less expensive to insure a non-pedigree dog than a pedigree. If you get a dog with a coat which requires grooming or clipping you will need to allow for frequent trips to the grooming parlour.

Energetic dogs with naturally high levels of energy need energetic owners who will enjoy exercising with them on a daily basis. Sociable, playful dogs such as spaniels make great family pets and small to medium dogs such as corgis can be ideal companions for more senior owners. A dog that is given sufficient exercise and a happy environment will be a contented dog and a wonderful companion.

Characteristics Of Your Dog

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes; there are numerous breeds and cross-breeds which have different personality characteristics, traits and requirements. As a general rule the larger the dog the more exercise and food will be required. Does the dog have to be good with children, other dogs and other pets? If you have children or are planning for children the impact of a dog must be taken into consideration. A new dog will have an impact on everyone in your home and when you have decided what you want from a dog finding the right pet becomes much easier.

Researching to find out what different dog breeds need in terms of their physical requirements is very simple. Assessing their character type to get a close fit with your requirements may take a little more research, but it’s quite easy and will be enormously beneficial. It is also worth researching any common health issues with particular breeds, many of which can be avoided or minimized with the correct diet and exercise.

Adult or Puppy

You will need to decide whether to get a puppy or a more mature dog. Puppies are a blank canvas, they are relatively easy to mould to your ways and will easily adapt quickly to your environment. Be certain that you have found a puppy that is healthy, well socialized and whose parents and grandparents have a good temperament.

Puppies are wonderful, they are lovely, lively, inquisitive and playful but they need an intensive period of education and training. A great deal of patience is required and in the first year a large chunk of your time will be devoted to their development. This is time well spent as the joy of having the perfect pet will be your reward; this harmonious relationship will be enjoyed by both you and your dog for many years.

To a large degree adult dogs are already formed; the difficult house training, unwanted chewing and the early education stage are all over. With an adult dog what you see is what you get, they will adapt to your ways and learn new skills in time with careful guidance and education. Take time to get to know an adult dog before you finally decide.

Where To Find Your New Dog

There are various different places which can supply puppies or adult dogs and not all are reputable. The pet dog industry is huge and has led to some horrific breeding practices where individuals care nothing for the dogs welfare. Make sure your pet comes from somewhere, or someone reliable, always see puppies with their mother and take care to choose a healthy dog or puppy suited to you and your family.

Never buy a puppy if you are unable to see its mother or the conditions in which it was raised. Check that the nest area is clean, that the mother is friendly and that the puppies are sociable. Well socialized puppies will be interested in people and happy to meet them.

The best place to get an adult dog is from a reputable rescue centre which carefully assesses the dogs it places for adoption. A dogs behaviour will change when it enters kennels so assessment can be difficult so to some degree staff have to predict what a dogs behaviour will be like. A good rescue centre will be honest about a dogs behaviour and temperament which may not be the case if responding to a re-homing advertisement.

Wherever you get your new pet from due diligence is required and it is worth being patient; wait until you find exactly what you are looking for in your new pet. Please consider the welfare of the dog as well as your own before choosing.

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